Home & Business Touch Tables

FinnGlobe can create the all new latest interior Touch screens for all purposes and to our latest edition touch screen tables for your desired room. We developed the stylish looking tables for families who wish to play games such as monopoly, connect four; mouse trap, operation table and so much more bring the fun back to families.

Our development engineers have also created split screen allowing you to even watch a news paper and comic or anyway you wish to use our split screen. Our screen are designed to be water prove and cables to be hidden giving your table a glass looking effect. Our screens are used and can be seen worldwide in offices, stores, halls, trade shows, doctors and so on. Our prices are kept to the minimum for businesses worldwide will stay connected. We can design equip your table and screen t fit your needs.

Can Be Used For Any Application

1 public places: bookstore, exhibition hall, gymnasium, museum, meeting center, talent market, etc.; 2 entertainment leisure: cinema, gym, resort, entertainment, foot bath, KTV bar, beauty salon, golf course etc.; 3 commercial organizations: western restaurant, fast food restaurant, shopping mall, chain stores, 4 s stores, specialty store, star hotel, travel agencies, pharmacy, gambling sale points etc.; 4 financial institution: Banks, securities, insurance companies, pawn shops etc.; 5 industrial place: process control, food processing equipment, mechanical control, office automation equipment, automated testing, detection equipment of vehicle etc.; 6 transport place: the car equipment, processing of stuff etc.; 7 medical place: medical instrument, patient monitoring system, medical equipment, research instrument etc.

FinnGlobe can Design & manufacture your desired projects, working with our Engineering team or your CAD files saving you time & work.