Clearview Holographic Projection Film

FinnGlobe Clearview comes in 2 types of applications adhesive and non adhesive each designed for its purpose. Our manufactures produce 300meters per roll and are sold minimum 1x linear meter. This technology film is to produce images or videos also allowing to be seen into a room or product/s. We currently have ceased to develop or research for better quality as we have reached the maximum technology in this section ranging from Transmittance: 86% adhesive and 99% for non adhesive.

Trucks & Taxi • Bars & clubs • Events & shows • Outdoor screens • Indoor screens • Shows & Trade fairs • Boats & ships • Sports grounds • Airports & travel agencies • TV & Movies • Office Blocks & Buildings • Weddings & parties • Music & special effects • Promotion & Stores • Turnkey & Ownership • Underwater light & shows • Ice rink • Halls & grounds • And so much more

Any Place Any Time

Clearview is easy to use and handle using basic fixtures and weights, to allow setup virtually anywhere you go. Clearview film as become our best selling product which removed our previous Clearview Acrylic Screens. Clearview has the ability to be seen at viewing angle: 120degree when choosing adhesive and 360 degree when choosing non adhesive. These products allow you to minimize your transportation and packing arrangements when on the move.

Reliable Service

FinnGlobe exports worldwide selling to other companies globally on re-sale rights. Our services are based on manufactures prices which allow your company to sell at your desired price. We offer full warranty on all our products. We can offer OEM on any of our products listed using laser or printed technology. We do not offer any company exclusive rights on our products to allow fair trade.

FinnGlobe can Design & manufacture your desired projects, working with our Engineering team or your CAD files saving you time & work.