Custom Made LED Media Display

FinnGlobe Transparent LED Window displays is an all new innovation in the retail and corporate sector and for the worlds next generation of window displays which has created an full impact on store fronts, car sellers and shop windows. FinnGlobe displays allow your window to be converted into a digital advertising space, whilst allowing transparency into the building.

This allows retailers to maximize the impact of advertising campaigns without blocking out larger areas of the windows. Natural Sunlight is allowed into the building and digital content is transmitted out. FinnGlobe can do small windows to full Hotel or high rise building. Each module is created with the highest quality and most of all easy to fix or replace components with little effort.

Custom Made LED Media Design

LED Screens designed for Trucks, Trailers, automotive, airport transport and more. Our LED screens work with all video format and images. Trucks & Taxi • Bars & clubs • Events & shows • Outdoor screens • Indoor screens • Shows & Trade fairs • Boats & ships • Sports grounds • Airports & travel agencies • TV & Movies • Office Blocks & Buildings • Weddings & parties • Music & special effects • Promotion & Stores • Turnkey & Ownership • Underwater light & shows • Ice rink • Halls & grounds • And so much more

With over 10 yrs of Knowledge

FinnGlobe LED Media & digital screens are deigned to work in any environment for any task required, Our LED are bright and give high resolutions looks. Our screens are number one leading solution within Europe and USA. Our manufactures are 14 years in Business and FinnGlobe has 10 years of knowledge in Technology screens. FinnGlobe works constantly on all our products to reduce Energy usage, price reductions, and long term business relationship. Contact us today and see how much you can save with FinnGlobe

FinnGlobe can Design & manufacture your desired projects, working with our Engineering team or your CAD files saving you time & work.