All New LED Mesh & Curtains Diodes

Our latest 2019 LED Mesh & Curtains are 100% flexible to create all designs such as arcs, circles, waves, and your very own unique designs without limitations. Our latest technology also offers now 77-87% more transparency than the standard 70-80% Our screens are much more lighter in weight allowing for easy installation, with amazing lock joints which are now amazing for equal flexibility.

Our technology has pushed further to reduce weight from 4.2kg per square meter to amazing 3.4kg. The latest design also have thickness reduced to more suitable packing size with stronger components designed to last for your installation area.

Ideal use for:

LED Screens designed for Trucks, Trailers, automotive, airport transport and more. Our LED screens work with all video format and images. Trucks & Taxi • Bars & clubs • Events & shows • Outdoor screens • Indoor screens • Shows & Trade fairs • Boats & ships • Sports grounds • Airports & travel agencies • TV & Movies • Office Blocks & Buildings • Weddings & parties • Music & special effects • Promotion & Stores • Turnkey & Ownership • Underwater light & shows • Ice rink • Halls & grounds • And so much more

We work on projects worldwide in all types of LED Mesh & Curtains. Each design is carefully designed by manufactures engineers who work with you and your designs. Our screens are to work with all weathers with now our latest LED diodes to guarantee to work smoothly under -30 degrees. These types of LED Mesh and Curtains have no limitations where you can use those, offering amazing alternative solutions for floors, ice displays, disco areas, and buildings

With over 10 yrs of Knowledge

FinnGlobe automotive digital media screens are deigned to work in any environment for any task required, Our LED are bright and give high resolutions looks. Our screens are number one leading solution within Europe and USA. Our manufactures are 14 years in Business and FinnGlobe has 10 years of knowledge in Technology screens. FinnGlobe works constantly on all our products to reduce Energy usage, price reductions, and long term business relationship. Contact us today and see how much you can save with FinnGlobe

FinnGlobe can Design & manufacture your desired projects, working with our Engineering team or your CAD files saving you time & work.