Tour Outdoor Rental LED Display

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  • Pixel Pitch: 5.9
  • Pixel Pitch: 3.9
  • Pixel Pitch: 4.8

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Product SKU: FGTO5.9FI

Tour Indoor Rental LED Display 3.9/4.8/5.9 mm Pixel Pitch in 500x500mm Aluminum Cabinet
Unit Price Here is Per One Square Meter, Standard Version


* Standard 500x500mm Aluminum LED Cabinet.
* Outdoor IP65 Aluminum LED Cabinet
* Straight and Arc Compatible: With radian adjusting lock, the cabinet can be arc joined within +/-10° the max, can get concave or convex shape screen.
* Back Serviceable: Accessible from back

TO3.9: TO (Series Code : Tour Outdoor )- 3.9 (Pixel Pitch: 1.95mm)           
Part No.: FGTO3.9FI | FGTO4.8FI | FGTO5.9FI
Pixel Pitch: 3.9mm | 4.8mm | 5.9mm
LED:SMD1921 | SMD1921 | SMD1921
LED Brand: Standard: Kinglight/Huaguang etc.   Premium: Nationstar            
Pixel Configuration:1R 1G 1B             
Wave Length:R:620~625nm, G:520~530nm, B:460~475nm            
Module Size:250*250mm            
Module Resolution: 64*64 I 52*52 I 42*42
Module Pixles:4096dots | 2704dots | 1764dots
Scan: 1/16 | 1/13 | 1/7
Viewing Distance:>4m | >5m | >6m
Cabinet Type Die-casting Aluminum            
Cabinet Size:500*500*75mm            
Module Qty./Cabinet:4           
Cabinet Qty./㎡:4            
Cabinet Resolution:128*128 | 104*104 | 84*84
Cabinet Pixels: 16384dots | 10816dots | 7056dots
Pixel Density : 65,536dots | 43,264dots | 28,224dots
Power Consumption :Max.640W/㎡ Avg.200W/㎡            
Contrast Rate :3000:1            
Color Depth:16bit            
Grey Level:16384            
Refresh Frequency:>3840HZ             
Driving IC    : MBI/ICN            
Color Uniformity : ≥97%            
Viewing Angle: H:160deg.  V:160deg.             
Blind Spot Rate: ≤0.0003            
Life span: ≥100,000 hours            
Cabinet Weight: 9.0Kgs            
Protection Rating: IP65           
Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ 60°C(-4°F ~ 140°F)             
Operating Humidity    : 10% ~ 90%            
Input voltage: AC100-240V            
Power Supply: Standard: CE*1  /  Premium: UL CE Mean-Well *1             
Controlling System: Nova            
Maintenance: Front / Rear Installation; Front/Back Maintenance

NOTE: The Aluminum Cabinet Housing may not be the same as pictures showed, this will be confirmed when place the order.

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