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  • 800nits
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Product SKU: FGtC-P3-7LFI

 Ultra tClear Series Tri-Proof P3.9/7.8mm Transparent LED Display 800nits/1500nits/4500nits in Size 1000x500mm Aluminum Cabinet for Indoor Installation for Glass /Window

Unit Price Here is per 1 Square Meter

A Transparent LED Screen is ideal for indoor window displays and are commonly used for reinforcing a brand.
To advertise or to inform, these screens are an excellent option for anyone who wishes to display content in style without blocking out light or the view on both sides.
It allows designers to offer a screen solution for retail buildings with a focus on glass architecture without detracting from the overall design.


This Transparent LED Screen, the surface is covered by gel, which can protect from water, dust and attack.
A double protection.

This transparent screen opens up new creative options that were not possible with LCD screens and other LED screens.

With brightness range from 800nits to 6000nits, the Transparent LED Screens are visible for both indoor and outdoor daylight from a great distance.

Traditional LED window displays act as a dark wall, so shoppers can’t see in, and they block sunlight, so your indoor areas need to rely on unnatural lighting. The Transparent LED screen allow people by both sides of the display can see each other.

MODULAR DESIGN - build the size you need
Available in small cabinet 500x500 ,1000x500, and 1000x1000, that can freely combine into large format LED Screens

Using lightweight engineered aluminum, the Transparent LED Screen is only 14-15kgs/sqm. With fast lock, and plug-in connectors, just need to pull and push, then plug and play.

Besides standard size cabinet panels, the Transparent LED display can also be customized to fit abnormal shapes or sizes. Contact sales through your account

Windows, glass walls & facades
Corporate buildings & offices

Retail stores & shopping centers
Stadiums & arenas
Hotels & airports
Car showrooms


Part #FGtC-P3/7-LFIFGtC-P3/7-MFIFGtC-P3/7-HFI
Pixel PitchP3.9/7.8mmP3.9/7.8mmP3.9/7.8mm
LED Type
Viewing Distance>5Meter >5Meter >5Meter
Cabinet TypeDie-Casting AluminumDie-Casting AluminumDie-Casting Aluminum
Cabinet Size1000x500x80mm1000x500x80mm1000x500x80mm
Cabinet Qty./㎡222
Cabinet Pixels32768dots/㎡32768dots/㎡32768dots/㎡
Power ConsumptionMax.150W/㎡ Avg.430W/㎡Max.260W/㎡ Avg.880W/㎡Max.260W/㎡ Avg.880W/㎡
Transparency Rate55%55%55%
Refresh Rate1920HZ1920HZ3840HZ

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