2019 All New LED Building Display

Whether you are looking to advertise your business large, we at FinnGlobe can offer the best all weather prove high bright LED Media solution for your building indoor and outdoor. We offer the latest Technology in outdoor media & Digital signage. Our LED Solution can be installed easy with no complex design or difficulties. Our Engineers have constantly worked on energy saving and weight reduction.

We also use the best LED for longer lasting which also comes with easy changeable modules for quick easy maintenance. Our modules are water proof allowing strong winds and rain to simple fall without entering the module casing.

Ideal use for:

Each case is designed for better viewing and each LED diode is Technology engineered for clear image or video of your choice. Our cables are able to withstand Cold, Ice, Heat, and wind with our sturdy ultra thin cables. Our Designs are to offer your Business a ROI Increasing solution and bigger marketing view for your customers.

We stay on top of the latest Technology and the prices. Why many companies have chosen FinnGlobe & our products for their solutions. When it comes to making your companies stand out or just to make a key-turn business with our products, we are always keen to make sure you get the best service that any company can offer. This is why FinnGlobe uses WhatsApp and 24hour open service to make sure we can quickly solve your issue as if one should arrive. We do all the work for you. We find it very important that we help our customers find the correct indoor screen and the correct viewing point. Once we are given all the details required our Engineers will work on your requirements and most cases are handled within 24hrs

With over 10 yrs of Knowledge

FinnGlobe automotive digital media screens are deigned to work in any environment for any task required, Our LED are bright and give high resolutions looks. Our screens are number one leading solution within Europe and USA. Our manufactures are 14 years in Business and FinnGlobe has 10 years of knowledge in Technology screens. FinnGlobe works constantly on all our products to reduce Energy usage, price reductions, and long term business relationship. Contact us today and see how much you can save with FinnGlobe

FinnGlobe can Design & manufacture your desired projects, working with our Engineering team or your CAD files saving you time & work.