2019Multi Touch Screens

1 SYSTEM FUNCTION: Our system adopt B/S framework, no need install any application can login controlling system in any computer with IE browser, to manage and operate all terminals. 2 SLIT SCREEN ARBITRARY: When making the program, you can drag or stretch display area, size of video, flash, PPT. Support subtitle running any direction. System comes with digital calendar, clock module, weather forecast, program template library, design the template by yourselves. It can provide thumbnail function.

3 SYSTEM COMPATABILITY: Product support all video format (rm、rmvb、avi、mpeg、mpg、dat、mov、asf、mtv、mkv、wmv、3gp、amv、dmv、divx and so on) audio (mp3、wma、wav etc.,), picture (JPG、GIF、PNG ), word, excel, PDF, RSS current news, flash, dynamic web page. 4 PHOTO SPECIAL EFFECTS: Set up the special effect of pictures. Such as the shutters, gradually fade out and so on.

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5 STREAM MEDIA LIVE: Support real-time streaming media broadcast, network video, local DVD video live, video conference management of playing plan. 6 PLAN MANAGEMENT: Support making schedule ahead for all the programs what will be published. It can be a normal plan, spot plan or cycle plan. Making all programs into plan form, then you just need to send it to terminal. It is convenient to modify existing schedule, change or delete programs inside the program form. 7 REMOTE CONTROL: You can remote boot, shutdown and restart terminal, synchronal player and server time, adjust terminal volume by management software.

8 REAL-TIME MONITORING: You can remote monitor the real-time network connection status and the dynamic player screen. So that user can manage easily, no need to view the operation effect on the terminal. 9 START UP & SHUT DOWN TIMING: The system can set the time of starting up and shutdown on the point of the day or week in terminals. Not only more convenient to manage the terminal, but also increase the work efficiency without manual operation. 10 USER AUTHORITY: You can set different permissions for each user, assign the user management terminal, so that it has a terminal management authority.

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11 GROUPING: According to the actual terminal location, business type you can set different groups. When you manage or publish the program, they can be directly sent to the group, to manage more efficient and easier. 12 PROGRAM AUDIT: Program audit function is used in multi-level user rights, the superior user audit the programs produced by subordinate users, as long as the programs produced by subordinate users are not passed by the superior, then the programs cannot be published to the terminal. 13 SINGLE PLAYER VERSION: Without network you can directly put programs into SD card to play. Putting the program into U disk or other memory disk, inserting it to the player, then will automatically copy the programs in the disk. After the program importing, you can extract the U disk and play the program.

14 UPLOAD: In the process of downloading the program, when the network is connected again after suspending , the program will automatically continue to download from the broken state, rather than complete reload. 15 LOG MANAGEMENT: Powerful log recording function, can record each program whether command already successfully. Managers can directly browse and query the log records provided by the system, or export them to excel document. 16 EXPANDING FUNCTION: The development of Internet Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), QR code, camera (video call, face recognition), virtual display, touch print and digital signage experience becomes a clear direction of the industry.