Switchable Privacy Glass

FinnGlobe has NOW 8 Colors to choose from when it comes to our Window privacy film, we offer a 8 color range of films that can assist with energy efficiency, with the most effective rejecting up to 85% of solar energy. The window film is applied directly to glass, forming a barrier to solar energy that is proven to be more effective than traditional methods such as blinds.

FinnGlobe manufactures work from your CAD files or dimensions which are provided. We can work on your plans such on where you work, area, and traveling so we can create the right viewing screen for your customers. All our screens come with 4G solutions to allow your own customers to send you files for easy and simple upload.

Where to use

Designed for Trucks, Trailers, automotive, airport transport and more. Our LED screens work with all video format and images. Trucks & Taxi • Bars & clubs • Events & shows • Outdoor screens • Indoor screens • Shows & Trade fairs • Boats & ships • Sports grounds • Airports & travel agencies • TV & Movies • Office Blocks & Buildings • Weddings & parties • Music & special effects • Promotion & Stores • Turnkey & Ownership • Underwater light & shows • Ice rink • Halls & grounds • And so much more

What Are The Benefits

An installation of window film can turn your windows into energy efficient glazing, rejecting unwanted solar gain, keeping temperatures at a manageable level and placing less strain on air conditioning. Being less reliant on systems that require a lot of energy can not only result in lower bills.

FinnGlobe can Design & manufacture your desired projects, working with our Engineering team or your CAD files saving you time & work.