Rotating Touch Kiosk For Business

FinnGlobe offers the best unique solution for interactive Touch screens to fit any business solution for Offices and stores, Our main priority is not to only offer Touch screens but also give your business stylish look at the most affordable price. Out Rotating Screen are double to 100 multi-touches Solution using Windows or Android installation. We can design any type of stand or tables using our CAD designers & Engineers. Rotating Touch Tables are useful for unlimited solutions allowing the screen to rotate on a single turn. Our main markets are for Offices and Schools with this type of Touch Solution. Our Stylish Stands can be manufactured to your requirements, using hard plastic or Stainless steel. Each screen and stand are designed for long use which all cooling systems are built within to maintain stability.

FinnGlobe can Design & manufacture your desired projects, working with our Engineering team or your CAD files saving you time & work.